Control your ClubVirtual Player(s) anywhere via 'My ClubVirtual'

Software installation is history thanks to the extraordinarily useful web-based environment.
Easy to use from any computer with an Internet connection.
Reliable and extremely user-friendly!

Putting lessons on the timetable

Thanks to the advanced and extremely easy drag-and-drop technique, you simply place your lessons on the timetable. With an interval of five minutes, you can schedule and set up classes exactly the way you want to. Save your timetables as templates and get going with theme weeks, such as the Tour de France. Current events, sporting challenges and variety: with just a single press of a button you make it happen.

Viewing lesson information

Through ‘My ClubVirtual’ view all the information about lessons. Search by description, duration, level and location of recording. Moreover, you can also watch a short trailer which means you can be lightning fast at anticipating the wishes of your members.

We’re on standby for you!

At the online helpdesk you can find installation instructions, tips for use and solutions for possible malfunctions. Can’t find a solution yourself? No problem: submit a support request and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Submit a new support request

Our online helpdesk is ready to serve you 24 hours a day. Search for solutions and explanations about the platform. If you can’t find a solution yourself, you can send a support request. We will respond within 24 hours.

View the support requests you have submitted

If you've been in contact with one of our support staff in the past, this is where you can see what answer was given to your question. If you want to add something to a conversation, you can post a new comment here.

Easily make timetables and templates

You easily make timetables using the advanced drag-and-drop function. Thus, for example, you can automatically have the first lesson start at 9:00 a.m. and the next lesson an hour later. Save organised timetables as templates and alternate them with the press of a button. All your timetables are automatically stored on our cloud servers so that all your data are safely stored.


Realtime information from the ClubVirtual Player

Find all the current information from your ClubVirtual Player at lightning speed. What's playing at this very moment? How long will it still be before the lesson is over? With one press of a button you'll find out.

Start/stop lessons and view information about lessons

In the lesson overview you can view all the information for an available lesson with a single click. In this way, a front desk employee can immediately answer any questions from members relating to lessons. If desired, you can also start or stop a lesson from this location.


Very user-friendly

Easy-to-perform actions and clever messages ensure user-friendly software.


‘My ClubVirtual’ is available in nine different languages and can thus also be used by international staff.

Start/stop lessons

Using 'My ClubVirtual’, in addition to scheduling classes, you can easily start or stop a lesson immediately.

User roles

User roles ensure that it is possible to manage ClubVirtual players by location, by region or even nationwide. Ideal for fitness clubs with multiple branches.

Schedule live lessons too

By scheduling a live lesson, the members see exactly when their favourite virtual and live fitness classes start. No double timetables, but clear overviews!

Available everywhere

‘My ClubVirtual’ can be used from any computer you like and is accessible via all popular Internet browsers.