The ClubVirtual Player

A powerful device, the size of your hand, that has everything in it for a perfect display of the virtual fitness programmes. 

Packed with useful features

When running a fitness club, you need to be able to do your job undisturbed. ClubVirtual takes a lot of work off your hands by allowing members to start their own lessons. More control? A timetable is made in no time flat. In this way, lessons are played at times that you have set.

The ClubVirtual Player

A small device, ultimate HD quality. Effortlessly play all fitness programmes on screens such as video walls and projector screens.

Video on Demand: ultimate ease of use

Want the members to be able to start their lessons themselves? With the free bundled control panel, starting a lesson is done by just pressing a button. Let them browse through lessons and filter by lesson level and category. Ended up with the right lesson? Press the 'Play' button and get on with the exercise!

Easily adjust settings

By means of a secured menu, you can change important settings of the ClubVirtualPlayer. Easily adjust the resolution, enter network settings and connect to any available Wi-fi networks.

Protection against theft

The ClubVirtual Player is equipped by default with a connection for anti-theft cables. This prevents the ClubVirtual Player being taken away by unauthorised persons. The connection is suitable for all standard anti-theft cables.

Viewing lesson information

See at a glance the duration, category, language and country of the recording. You can also view a short demo of the lesson.

Easy to connect

You can install the ClubVirtual Player easily yourself in minutes next to your TV or projector. Connect the ClubVirtual Player to a big screen and sound system for an extra dimension. Of course we can arrange the entire installation. The ClubVirtual Player is already fully configured when you receive it and contains all the available classes, so you can get started right away!


Video on Demand: easy to start lessons

Starting and stopping a lesson can be done in several ways: place a lesson in the timetable or manually start a lesson from ‘My ClubVirtual‘. Apart from that, it is also possible for members to start and stop their lessons themselves - perfect for off-peak hours when there are fewer people around! Using an on-demand control panel, members browse through all the lessons, they can read more information or see a preview of the lessons.

Advanced features through Internet access

Connect the ClubVirtual Player to the Internet to make use of all available functions. Although a Wi-fi connection works fine in some cases, we recommend that you access the Internet through a wired connection, so that you have a stable connection. In that way, you can quickly make timetable changes, receive support remotely, start real-time lessons and software updates are performed automatically.
No Internet connection is necessary to play the lesson.


Easy to connect

Connecting is very easy and works according to the plug-and-play principle.

Free configuration

The ClubVirtual Player is configured by us completely free of charge so you can start within minutes upon receipt.

Clear information

On the connected screen you can see which lessons are scheduled and how long it will be before the next lesson starts.

 Video on Demand

Your members can easily browse themselves through the lessons, read more information, filtering and starting a lesson on demand.

Real-time connection

No more waiting, thanks to a real-time connection with the ClubVirtual server. As a result, a lesson will start immediately and timetabling changes will be implemented at once.

Powerful hardware

The powerful ClubVirtual Player effortlessly displays HD-quality images on large screens, such as a video wall or projection screen.