Our Small Group Training setup is a true eyecatcher in your fitness club!

A unique total concept that can be placed in any room: the Small Group Training setup. For example, choose a place in the cardio room and let the members choose one of the virtual cycling classes via Video on Demand.

 Expertly installed

The setup is fully positioned and installed on site by our installation partner within one day.

Headphone connection

Optionally, your members can make use of the headphone connection. In that way, there is no 'noise nuisance' for other athletes, and the cyclists can concentrate fully on the route.

For 32 to 80-inch TVs

Thanks to its unique construction, you can make use of television sets up to 80 inches in size - more than two metres!


Single Use setup

A small setup for individual use
The single-person’s setup is suitable for (small) fitness clubs, hotels or corporate fitness locations. Thanks to the optional headphone connection on the bike, there is no ‘noise nuisance’ for the other athletes.

Small Group Training setup

A complete eyecatcher for the general fitness area
With the Small Group Training setup, you can let your members work out in the general fitness area. This setup is suitable for five to ten bikes and has meanwhile been installed at more than 200 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Dubai. The back of it can be provided with a personalised print, for example for promotional communications.


With the Small Group Training setup for five to ten bikes, you can have athletes working out in a cosy little group in - for example - the general fitness area. It doesn’t even take up a lot more room than that: only 14m2.

The Small Group Training setup is a complete setup including audio facility. Thanks to the very thin audio cables (only 1mm thick) that run to the bikes under the floor, athletes can connect headphones so there is no noise nuisance for the other athletes. This setup can also be supplied without headphone connections and with external speakers: ideal if you want to furnish a separate room.

The frame is 2.2 metres high, 3 metres wide and only 80 mm thick! Because of its clever construction, this frame is extraordinarily sturdy and can even be placed in the middle of a room. The frame is provided with fabric on both sides that is printed with the most advanced sublimation techniques for razor-sharp results.

With the Small Group Training setup too, athletes can start a lesson fully on their own through Video on Demand. Using the control panel attached to the frame you simply browse through all the available classes.

The Small Group Training setup has been installed at more than two hundred locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Spain. Among other things, all the locations of Basic Fit make use of this setup. Here this eyecatcher ensures that the Basic-Fit members can watch a fantastic ClubVirtual Cycling lesson at any time of the day. The personalised bikes by BodyBike complete the picture!

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