Experiences of ClubVirtual customers

We’d like to tell you about the many benefits of ClubVirtual. But would rather let our loyal customers tell you themselves. Meanwhile ClubVirtual has turned thousands of users into healthy, vital and vibrant athletes.

Basic-Fit | John Verhouden (Sales & Marketing Manager)

At  all (200+) Basic-Fit locations, ClubVirtual Cycling has been in use since January 2012 via a Small Group Training setup located in the general fitness area. The members can follow the lessons using headphone connections on the bikes.

"The members are enthusiastic about ClubVirtual Cycling. They think it’s really great to have such a good supply and to be able to choose from various instructors. Actually, at any time of the day, someone is busy doing a lesson! That’s why we’ve decided to expand almost all our line-ups from 5 to 10 bikes."

Delta Lloyd | Michael Sedney (fitness staff member)

Since we’ve been using ClubVirtual Cycling, we have a fully-fledged new team member in our centre. The instructor is incredibly popular in the Delta Lloyd Strong Fit Centre. Indeed, he is so popular that we imitate him. Good use is made of the lessons and it is very user-friendly. Considering the reactions of many users, it is truly an asset.

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It’s always possible to experience ClubVirtual Cycling lessons live at a fitness club near you. Use our ClubFinder for the nearest location.