ClubVirtual Cycling, a true-to-life experience!

Cycle through the most stunning locations in the world, while an instructor gives you the correct instructions to get the most out of your workout. ClubVirtual Cycling makes your members sweat!

Free additional languages

ClubVirtual Cycling is available in ten languages, which you can use without extra charge. Ideal for your international members.

Road only version

This is the perfect way to create more experience during the live lessons by using the images to supplement the lesson.

Optimum utilisation

Simply get the most out of your available space during off-peak hours. Increase your range considerably for a minimal investment.

Lots of variety

ClubVirtual Cycling offers lots of variety. How about lessons that stimulate fat burning or muscle strengthening? Plenty of variety and a valuable addition to traditional workouts!

Low investment

Use can be made of any bikes that may be present, so that high investments are not needed.

8 new classes each year

ClubVirtual Cycling continues to innovate and you don’t have to do anything to make that happen. Eight times a year, you’ll receive a completely new release with a new route and music.

Start immediately with our complete collection!

ClubVirtual is recorded in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. With a single licence you have access to all these languages!

The largest collection

With ClubVirtual Cycling, you bring home the largest collection of lessons in the world. Customise your lessons by theme, workout, route or ambiance and provide a varied selection so that your members are always kept motivated and surprised. Choose a well-known cycling mountain pass such as the Alpe d'Huez or cycle through the beautiful countryside of southern England. ClubVirtual Cycling is never boring!


Available 24/7!

An instructor who is never ill, can give 24 lessons per day and always motivated to the core? The ClubVirtual Cycling instructors are always at your disposal and are a great added value for your club, considering that members can now also have fitness classes at off-peak times and you only need to make a small one-time investment. Talk about optimum efficiency!

The ultimate experience

ClubVirtual Cycling takes you along to destinations all over the world. During the virtual classes you’ll be coached and pushed to the limits by one of the experienced instructors. The stirring music and brilliant images make the ultimate experience complete.


The complete collection available immediately on the ClubVirtual Player

A device the size of your hand and developed for managing and playing virtual fitness programmes. The ClubVirtual Player is also configured yet again for free!

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